This night will be unforgettable! Meet students from other universities who like yourself want to positively change the world around them.

You will get the floor

No more one sided lectures where you arrive, sit down, listen, leave. You will have the chance to hold a microphone in your hand and address everyone in the room.

Meet other founders

Have a chat with a project owner or other team members. You don’t need to be a founder or a CEO yet to be allowed to the event. It’s enough to have an interest in business.

No stress

Easy-going friendly atmosphere, interesting people and no imposed formalities. You will see, you won’t get through everything by the end.

Startup Night in a nutshell


Because there's never enough inspiring people around

And so how would you know that there won't be a group of future billionaires and other people who will make it big in the coming years. Just a rhetorical question… They’ll be there…


Informally, matter-of-fact, with the best

To make it interesting right from the beginning, we invite one startup from each university to take the floor; each team gives a few minute pitch. This way you absorb the atmosphere and get to know the participating projects in no time. After that the ball is in your court. You can go to anyone, talk to whomever and about whatever you like. It’s all up to you.


25 April 7PM H40 (Pražská tržnice)

We arranged a beautiful space located in a beautiful historical environment of the Prague Market Hall, which is just right for such get-togethers. Entrance is 90 Kč. Refreshments can be purchased at the bar. The address is Hala 40 Pražská tržnice, Bubenské nábřeží 306/13, Prague 7


Startup Night

90 Kč

Sold out

Tue 25 April 2023 | 7PM

H40 (Pražská tržnice)

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